XRS ID Chip Reader

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A truly portable, handheld EID reader that was comfortable to use over long periods of time.

The XRS ID Chip Reader can work alongside and report to the following read-out units:

EziWeigh 7
ID5000 Bluetooth
XR5000 Bluetooth

Its read distance is 150mm or 6 inches, and from either side of the horse’s neck.

All Bluetooth EziWeigh 7 users can use their Smartphones to easily download data stored on their XRS ID Chip Reader.
For more details see:
Tru-Test Data Link For Smartphones
Tru-Test Data Link App For Android
Frequently Asked Questions
Using Tru-Test Data Link App


Key features

Reads all HDX and FDX-B tags

20,000 scanned tag memory

15,000 EID/VID pairs

50 sessions

Vibrating handle to alert on tag read

Loud beeper and 2 super bright LEDs for alerts

Duplicate discard option

Daylight viewable large display with EID and visual number displayed

Bluetooth® for wireless roaming while still connected to the weigh scale indicator or other devices

Auto find Bluetooth® pairing and connection, retains a list of 10 previously paired Bluetooth® devices

Rugged water and dust proof IP67 enclosure

Customisable alerts for pre-chosen animals, e.g. Withheld (load up to 10,000 alerts onto the XRS Stick Reader — 254 unique messages)

Enter customised data, like health treatments or condition scores, against individual animals (pre-set list of up to 10 options)

Comes with EziLinkTM software to enable exporting and importing of data and set up of alerts